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in korean it sounded lovely. psy is scheduled to perform at a charity concert called christmas in washington on sunday with the president and first family expected to attend. impeachment if you ask me. and surprise, surprise he has now apologized telling mtv news, i have learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and deeply sorry for how these lyrics can be interpreted. i will be forever sorry for any pain i have caused anyone by those words. whatever. some are calling for the christmas concert to replace psy with a performance by spin kitty. >> the weird thing is there are photos of spin kitty hanging out with al-qaeda. we can't use that either. all right, where am i? gavin are you shocked that psy ended up being another musician with very, very inflammatory beliefs? >> what a lot of people don't get about korean culture is they see protest as emulating america. they worship us. look at how many christians are over there. they worship a white god. >> i did not know that. >> when they do their protests which they do every day for everything it is because they saw it in the 60s.
of the biggest five or ten or the biggest crony capitalists in the country. he basically went on washington and said, yes, you really need to pass this bailout. afterwards the stimulus. i will help out by investing in every one of the entities you will bailout for pens on the dollars or dimes on the dollar. >> he took this money? >> absolutely. he invested in companies that benefited from the stimulus money at great terms and he made billions. he has profited directly from his ability to convince washington lawmakers that he has wisdom that we should all listen to. when do rich people get to tell me when my morale should feel better. he should have said it in a russian or german accent. >> jedediah, do you fall for this grandpa act? >> no. and he knows darn well our system is already progressive. the top 10% pay about 70% of all taxes. he is only interested in pushing success if it doesn't pertain to him, if he doesn't pertain to the cronies or people who benefit from comfy relationships with the obama administration. and it is really insulting to middle class workers to say you need some i
. >> calling for saville tee in our discourse. he went to the opening night in washington, d.c. and disrupted the screening and had to be removed from the 3 ter. -- theater.>> you always heard e slurs about andrew doing drugs. if you knew. this guy didn't have to do anything. he started crazy. there was no need for drug use. he had kids he didn't need child prostitutes or male prostitutes. that's what the left do. they try to demonize it. i watched parts and i get a little too emotional so i just -- one day i will look at it. i can't look at it yet. what is your favorite moment of all time? >> oh my gosh there are so many. one was when the ib union guys, the harry reid guys, when they were throwing eggs at the tea party bus. and then the cop says, who through eggs at the bus. they wented to a n drew bright bart. it is hard to imagine the insanity all the time. >> i remember when the protesters invited him to appleby's. roller blading with a big thing of coffee. go to the hating breitbart and press a button and you will see the movie. let's go to andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to f
it to anybody who wants to do business as usual in washington. >> in the business we call that a sick burn. now more to sneak attack cat in the house chambers. >> i wasn't surprised by sneak attack cat. when your name is sneak attack cat you give it away you stupid cat. bova, do you feel better knowing it was purged from law? >> yes. i feel we are on the way to recovery. if you ban the word "lunatic" why not ban lunatics from congress, right, greg? >> wow. >> that's the political humor i have been expecting. you are our new mark gruntle. we need the capital steps to back you up. >> i think it is the crew hair. >> ely, you are nodding along. are you happy it is gone or should it stay? >> i don't think it matters. if you don't think the house of representatives are a bunch of lunatics for wasting time on this lunacy you are not just a a -- an idiot but you are a lunatic. >> should congress be spending their time on stuff like this? ask greg in a redundant fashion? >> i was wall lowing in lori hot. >> here is an interesting point i will throw out to you. >> the word is derived from lunar phases of
, a day of the week, president obama greeted psy at the annual christmas in washington concert, if that is his real name amid controversy over the anti-american sentiments. he is now known for hiking gangnam style, but huey was once filled with bile. he said "kill those f-ing yankees killing the captives" he has since apologized saying it was part of a deep emotional reaction. he made sure to praise the sacrifice of the troops in a short speech. he engs inked others, but not psy. later he said one performance impressed him. >> good to see that ed asner made the trip. mib, in the green m -- in the green room he didn't bash him enough. >> they were the original koreans. you would realize it wasn't nearly as anti-american as it is made out to be. first of all, yankees, he was talking about baseball team. second of all when he talks about killing he means in a comedic sense. >> you know, you have forced mooy to change my outlook of this and now i am in love with him. >> he is a wonderful dresser as evidenced by the photograph you showed. >> he s. he is a role model for our nation's
. the department has cut that to one year. washington joining colorado and using pot for recreational use to quote neil young, the times are a changing. explains the assistant chief, in light of the landscape, the three-year rule does not make sense. we are trying to find a middle ground that does not exclude candidates. meaning they president cay find anyone who -- they can't find anyone who hasn't smoked pot? the last year. now let's go to a baby otter eating an invisible snack. >> this is where you make a joke about the otters having the munchies and talking about marijuana, but i can't. because i said this is where we go about the joke about the otter having the munchies. >> let's just shoot him. >> that's such a bad idea. nick, an angry anti-drug person would ask do we really want our cops to have a history of getting high? >> yes. it takes a thief to catch a thief, right? what is amazing -- when i saw this i thought this is great. you can get high on the weekend and then come back to work. so these april applicants were willing to lie and say i haven't smoked in three years. and now they lie
that stricter gun control does not necessarily mean that crime rates go down. >> washington, d.c. should be the safest place in america, it is not. ig chicago should be safe. it is not. their gun laws don't work. >> ambassador on monday, the senator who is an avid -- i'm sorry, democrat who is an avid hunter and nra member. he said gun control legislation should be -- needs to be part of a discussion. have we -- are we see a shift in the gun control debate in the tone at least? >> it is too early to tell. i think all of these issues need to be debated. but many of the people who are now saying, see this proves you need stronger gun control laws held that position before the newtown masacre and for various thrans have nothing to do with what happened there. if you change the existing gun control laws, would it have stopped newtown or aurora? the answer in most cases is no. i think that ties in part to the point you made about people not really understanding the nature of these weapons. you call something semiautomatic. that sounds like almost automatic. i haven't fired a automatic since i
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)